DIY no-sew Headband

DIY no-sew Headband

It’s a big milestone for my blog today as I draft, proofread, and publish my first ever blog collaboration.  A week ago when I reached out to Chloe from basicallychloeblog ( in hopes of collaborating fun, easy, and cute DIY hair and accessory projects I never expected an enthusiastic yes! With that said I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to expand beyond my audience and partner with such an inspirational young teen with the same mission. ❤

Well, now that I have thoroughly bored my readers to death let’s get started!


The first thing you want to do is select a stretchy-long t-shirt. The longer and  stretchier the better.   Fold the shirt in half hot dog style a.k.a vertically.

cutNext, cut the bottom seam off the t-shirt and proceed to cutting five 24-25 inch strips of cloth horizontally, you may need to add 2-3 inches more if the shirt is not very stretchy.

Now, cut the ends off of the folded strips so that each ‘strip’ becomes two separate strips.

In addition, separate the strips of cloth from one another and stretch each individual strip so that it is at it’s full length.  This is a very important step so please take good care doing this.

Then, place all ten strips horizontally, separate in two groups of five and follow the below photo reference on how to create the actual ‘knot’ detail on the headband. 



Sailors Knot Steps


Take the first five strips and create a half figure eight making sure that the left ‘tail’ crosses over the right.  Then, take the second set of five and create a ‘u’ shape placing the left ‘u tail’ under the left half figure eight ‘tail’ as shown in the second picture.  Third, place the right ‘u tail’ under the top of the half figure eight.  Next, get the left ‘u tail’ and loop it under the right ‘u tail’ and over the top half figure eight seen in the fourth picture.  Now, take a moment to double check all of your looping by referring to the fourth photo.  Once you have confirmed it is correct pull evenly from both ends to create the knot, the level of pressure and pulling determines how big your knot will be.  Lastly, knot the ends together one at a time to create a chic bohemian look to your headband.  VUALA!  Your very own DIY no-sew Headband created only using an old t-shirt, scissors, and a ruler (optional).

Special thanks to my fabulous models for their patience and support!




‘The Bear’ modeling the green ivy DIY no-sew headband in a trendy headband twist updo.  Wearing a cherokee romper from Target along with a statement necklace also found at target.


IMG_3469  IMG_3470



Tiffany modeling the dusty rose DIY no-sew headband while styling a french braided pony tail updo. 


My Fabulous Models @ Work



Thank You all so much for reading and don’t hesitate to ask any questions or state any concerns in the comments! 

P.S I am very happy to report 22% of my website users are returning, yay! 🙈



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